Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the brave new world where artificial intelligence provides superior legal support. Our product uses machine intelligence to  extract value from your documents and contracts.  

We use both structural & conceptual components  

Structural components such as sections, subsections, sentences, phrases or words. 

Semantic components include  provisions,obligations, permissions, terms, entities, or legal concepts. Get the most out of your documents. Let us show you how.

Super Simple Device

We send you a small simple device that you plug it into your network.  Small and discreet, Athena can be placed in a closet or under the desk.  The power of a goddess that fits in your open hand.

Why Athena and what does she do?

WHY? As a practicing attorney, I spent twenty years creating documents and attorney work product. My firm’s resources include tens of thousands of documents. Gone are the days of librarians and card catalogues. How do we access relevant documents? How do we point our associates to relevant documents in our database? What happens if an attorney leaves? How do we access a lawyer’s legacy of documents?

Searching a keyword, such as “sublease”, in Windows Explorer retrieves hundreds of documents. Unless you were the attorney that created the document, it is impossible to quickly find which documents are the most helpful, the most relevant. You click around and hope that you can find a document that is “on-point”.

THE SOLUTION: Athena 188. My partner and I created Athena as a solution for law firms to be able to capitalize on their data resources. Find relevant documents efficiently.

HOW? Athena 188 is housed in a simple device that is sent to you and is connected to your network server. Athena scans all your documents and creates metadata (the elements that make up your document) about your documents.

Case samples:

  • Athena: What can I find for you?
  • John Smith, Esq.: Athena, search for lease, (authored by) Jen Smith, Esq., (created within ) 5 years, (maximum) 30 pages, commercial building, client is landlord, option to purchase, <20,000 square feet, Michigan law, 5 year renewal option, triple net.
  • Athena: What can I find for you?
  • Jen Smith, Esq.: Athena, search for all judgements where Jack Brown, Esq. was opposing counsel, in the past 10 years. Also, find all judgments decided by Judge Judy in the past 10 years on a contract dispute, where Judge Judy decided in favor of defendant.

About Us


Ronald P. Reck

Ronald P. Reck is the owner and founder of RRecktek LLC, a provider of IT solutions and consulting services. RRecktek, LLC was established over twenty years ago and is located outside of the Washington DC metropolitan area. Mr. Reck was awarded and successfully completed over one hundred fifty contracts ranging from the data warehousing of state, local, and federal law enforcement incident reports outside of submarine bases for The Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) to vocabulary projects for the management and dissemination of controlled vocabularies for The Office of the Director of National Intelligence(ODNI), as a member of the Intelligence Community Metadata Working Group staff. Author / co-author of two dozen publications including Hardening LinuxISBN-13: 978-0072254976. Representative clients include NextelWinstarANS +COre, AOL, Standard & Poors, The Federal Communications Commission, Kiplingers NewletterThe United States Information AgencyThe Council of Better Business Bureaus, and Department of Defense Health Affairs.

Skye Suh, Esq.

Ms. Suh established Skye Suh, PLC in October 2002 to provide specialized legal services to automotive related business. Ms. Suh graduated from Detroit Mercy School of Law in 1998. Prior to beginning her own practice, Ms. Suh worked in the global legal department at Butzel Long, PC, a large leading Detroit law firm. Ms. Suh also practiced with the former in-house general counsel to Ford Motor Company. Ms. Suh focuses her practice on multinational transactions and assisting foreign corporations establish a presence in the United States, which includes assisting companies establish companies, negotiating tax incentives, purchasing real estates, transferring executives and key employees to the United States, establishing protocol for employees and best practices in the United States, negotiating complex supplier and joint venture agreements, and handling all the general legal needs of a corporation. Representative clients include Fortune 500 companies and major tier one automotive suppliers. Also, Ms. Suh, and her partner, Gary McRay, founded International Immigration Investments, LLC, the first approved USCIS EB-5 Regional Center in the State of Michigan,