Discover the Wisdom in Legal Documents

Easy to use

Simply drag and drop your contract into our intuitive interface. Use the web or any operating system.

Any Legal Document Type

Works with letters, agreements, or contracts in any legal area.


Multiple layers of adaptive security. Military grade encryption and encryption at rest if required




Use the web interface or drag and drop from your desktop.

Enterprise Grade

The system can scales to millions of documents or large size documents

Adaptive Security

Artificial Intelligence protects our security too, we have multiples layers of security and auditing


Vocabularies for Privacy, Contract law, Legislation, Licensing

Entirely Ours

We own the technology, firewall and servers. Our company’s service level is at the wire. We don’t know anyone who can offer that.

Graph Theory

Underlying technology leverages powerful graph theory and is standards-based.


uNIQUE technology NOT fOUND elsewhere

About Us

the team enjoys a century of combined experience

The designer of secure environments

Farmington Hills, Michigan

Fairfax. Virginia

Direct Connection

Speak directly with the architect and company owners.

No Snake Oil Here

Everything is ours. We designed, deployed every aspect of our offering. From the boards used in our computers, to the wiring of our network and the software running on it.

Our Mission

Enjoy our integrity based-solution and offering.We are career experts in the fields of Contract Law and AI Technology. We did not hire our experts, we are them.

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